Expect more from a summer camp

What if this summer your children build the confidence and skills to never be bullied again? What if this summer, instead of just playing video games or going to any old camp, your children learned about respect, discipline, and self-defense? This summer try something new. Sign up for our APEX Martial Arts summer Camp!

What they will do:

We guarantee your child comes home with a smile. "With our unique "customized day" every camper gets to participate in exactly the activities they want. Besides daily Martial Arts training and Yoga, they will chose from sports like soccer, baseball and ball hockey. We send groups to our local pools to cool off. We offer activities like epic foam sword battles, arts and crafts, and unique martial arts games. Our campers can go on educational adventures to the Cosmodome, Mount Royal or the Bio Dome.

It's the ULTIMATE summer experience.


Call us today 514-528-5000 for info or to reserve